Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me (2011)

71kmy0E72GLWhat kinda young man cheats on his steady girlfriend with another just so that he could watch Aloha From Hawaii on her large-screen color TV? What kinda young man excuses himself from his date, gets out of his car, and then pretends to check the tires because he’d had a bit too much chili for lunch? Or what kinda young man plays golf with “nature’s putter” dangling out for an entire hole because he lost a bet? You’ll learn the answers to all these questions and more when you read Sex, Dead Dogs, and Me, a book you might not be proud of but one that you’ll never quite get enough of!

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ChristmaSin’ (2009)

2Cover_ChristmaSinChristmas isn’t just about sugar plum fairies and reindeer dancing across the sky. It can also be about red clay chunk wars, cock fighting, dead people who may really not be, and more! Get set for a wild, wild Christmas ride when you read ChristmaSin’,  Southern Outlaw Author Ed Williams’ take on what a true Christmas in a small, rural Southern town is really all about! Learn about Christmas miracles happening in the most unlikely of settings, the early ’70s in tiny Juliette, Georgia. A novel that could be true, in some places actually is, and one that will both warm the heart and tickle the funny bone!

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Rough As A Cob: More From the Juliette Journals (2003)

indexRough as a Cob, Ed Williams’ second collection of essays, is a fun-filled, wild ride of tales about his growing up in the rural South. You can read about a shotgun attack on a UFO, the trials and tribulations of owning the first flushing toilet in the neighborhood, and see how Ed and his best friends nearly got killed while attending a professional wrestling event. Ed reveals the sanctity of the Super Bowl, and he even recounts the story of a fellow so ugly that Ed’s granddad asked him to stay indoors during daylight hours. And these are just the stories we can tell you about.

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